Aleali May is literally the best thing that happened to us this year. We stumbled upon her Instagram and we've been obsessed ever since. Her effortless style, trillest taste in music, and rapunzel like hair has got us hypnotized. The moment we found her it was like we met our long lost sister. Her sense of style is clearly very LDYBY with lots of layering, oversized tops, and baggy pants. She's only 24, but killing the game and we can't wait to see what else she has in store. Raised in South Central California, Aleali knew at an early age she wanted to see the world. She mentioned in a previous interview her father always watching the travel channel, which inspired her to get out and experience different cultures. Growing up she was the tomboy, willing to play rough. In high school, Hula dancing broke Aleali's shell and made her become more comfortable with her body. She unknowingly started her career using Tumblr as a tool to repost her interests and began to post her outfits - causing a buzz that caught the of eye of RSVP Gallery co-owners Don C and Virgil Abloh. Since then Aleali has created her self entitled blog (which we'd really advise you to check out) and becoming a brand embassdor for Adidas. She's always on the move with her gal pal's Yes Julz and Otmara, surrounding themselves with ambitious like-minded woman. This girl is really out here showing us what hard work and some elbow grease can take you. We appreciate Aleali's graceful slay and encourage her to continue to pave the way for the rest of us! 

🙏🏽Listen to her fire mix with DJOSH_KOSH 🙏🏽